Dr Georgina Gould | About Me
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About Me

I am a Chartered Psychologist and Psychotherapist providing Psychological Therapy to children, teenagers and adults within Cardiff and the surrounding areas.  I specialise in providing therapy that is individual to the specific personalities, experiences, way of thinking and difficulties faced by my clients.

I wear various ‘hats’ as a working mother, partner, friend and family member and have made changes throughout my life.  I understand the impact of busy modern day life in arousing emotional distress – experiences that can feel confusing, overwhelming, and may emerge when, objectively, things should be going ‘OK’.  Gaining an understanding of how and why problems emerge therefore forms an essential part of all my therapeutic work.  For further information about the way that I work please see Helping Adults and Helping Young People.

My Experience

I have worked within a variety of NHS and private sector settings, from those that provide short-term support for mild to moderate anxiety and depression-related difficulties, to those that are more specialist in offering longer-term support for complex, severe and enduring mental health difficulties.  As well as providing psychological therapy to individuals and groups, I have managed a therapy service, provided supervision and consultation to other professionals including consultant psychiatrists, nurse therapists and support workers, and been involved in the development of mental health services.

I currently work part-time within a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) where I see children and teenagers with complex mental health difficulties as well as their parents, carers and families.  I see adults and young people privately.

My Background

Prior to training as a Psychologist, I was in business for 7 years, completing a Master’s in Business Administration during that time.  Before then, I served as a Police Constable for two years.