Dr Georgina Gould | Gould Psychology Services
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We all go through times in our lives when things can feel too much. We might be facing a life change and feeling unable to think clearly or make decisions. At other times, we might feel lost, trapped and alone; unable to make sense of our experiences or feel that they may improve.

The first step towards overcoming difficulties is to recognise when we are struggling. Low mood, loss of motivation and energy, feelings of worry or anxiety, tearfulness, over or under-eating or drinking, feeling irritable and angry, and thinking critically about ourselves can all be signs that something is amiss.


I am a Chartered Psychologist with extensive and varied experience in providing therapy to both adults and young people struggling with a range of difficulties. These include problems that surface as a consequence of specific life events; to difficulties that feel more enduring, as though they have been part of us from our earliest memories.


I can help to make a real difference in your life by helping you to make sense of your experiences in order to overcome them and to minimise the impact they are having upon your daily life. To do so, I draw from a range of psychological theories, evidence-based methods and clinical experience to create an individualised approach that best suits you and the difficulties you face.


To discuss further and see how I may be able to help, please contact me for a free telephone consultation on 07780 476705 or georgina@goulds.eu.

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